Comprehensive, transparent expertise in Asset Management

As the premier asset management service provider in Ireland, Burlington currently manages properties in the Dublin region with transactions valued in excess of €750 million since 2013. From this wealth of experience, we deliver best practice and maximise asset value through our integrated property and asset management services.

With an ever-increasing focus on maximising return and managing risk, we provide accurate, regular, tailor-made activity reports giving clients a comprehensive picture of how their investments are performing.

With over 60 years experience, the team at Burlington advises and supports clients through the myriad of challenges and opportunities of managing a property portfolio in a fast-changing market. Our multi-sector expert teams possess up-to-the-minute local market knowledge, technical solutions and integrated management services to protect and enhance the value of real estate assets for our clients.

Our Services Include:

  • Optimising the return on your assets – We manage all the factors that can influence your properties’ profitability: maximisation of occupancy rates, lease negotiation, recommendations for renovation work, etc.

  • Coordinating service providers – We ensure we attract the best tenants, on long leases, and we ensure their comfort and the long-term future of your property by supervising the work of service providers such as brokers and consultants, property managers and facilities managers.

  • Overseeing regulatory aspects – We harness the necessary skills to verify that your properties comply with relevant regulations.

  • Reporting on performance – you receive accurate, regular reports enabling you to track your real estate asset or porfolio’s performance and key management indicators.

Burlington’s success comes from a well defined investment philosophy See Portfolio